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Handgun Safety Training Corporation encourages everyone interested in the right to keep and bear arms to become as educated as possible to their rights and liberties. The below listed links can help to serve this purpose by providing 'real-life' experiences involving the lawful use of a handgun in self-defense, explanations of our rights and updates on what is being done to enhance or curtail our rights as a law-abiding society. It is only through education that we can truly be armed and ready to defend our loved ones in the face of danger. It is the responsibility of each and every citizen to be as informed as possible. Without this valuable information the erosion of our rights can begin until they are all gone. We hope that these links help to provide that valuable information and knowledge.

Operation Self Defense

Law Enforcement Alliance of America

Texas Concealed Handgun Association

Texas State Rifle Association

National Rifle Association

Texas Dept. of Public Safety CHL Unit

Gun Owners of America

Bracken Rifle & Pistol Range

Mother's Arms

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